Introduction of the MBBW Blog

I am not an act in a circus show. I am not a real-life doll constructed from a manual. I am not a product of the shoulder pad wearing assembly line. I am a modern black business woman who defies all odds, dispels all misconceptions and works hard to leave my mark along every path I take. I am the possessor of some amazing black girl magic. Let those last three words sink in.

Long gone are the days in which the world can see me and think they know me. I am my mother’s child but I am not my mother. I am my grandmother’s sweetpea but I am not Nana. I’ve stepped outside of the kitchen and stepped into the boardroom. I don’t sit back and listen, I stand up and speak. I am not Claire Huxtable with a black briefcase and matching doctor for a husband to match. I am single and dating. I am married with children. My slacks are high waist and wide-leg. My wrist may be imbedded with ink and my nose maybe accessorized with a ring. My secretary’s name is Siri and I plan to close my next deal at my favorite sushi bar.

Every day I step into an office, stand behind a table or step on a stage, I tell the world who I am. In my dress, in my speech, in my mannerisms, in my actions, in every goal I set and accomplish.

I quote a Kanye verse in case they don’t hear me: Everything I’m not made me everything I am.

I repeat, everything I’m not made me everything I am.

I am not stupid. I am not loud and arrogant. I am not ugly.  I am not passive. I am not pretending. I am not white. I am not a man.

I am not a bitch but I am a boss. A mother, daughter, wife, aunt, sistagirl.

I am a woman with pride, power and purpose. I am a modern black businesswoman with a flair for fashion. A woman with a love for pronunciation.  A woman seeking to live out her dreams. A woman who doesn’t adapt to the role but who transforms it.

Watch me work.

–Adina Ferguson

MBBW Blog Manager

@writeme511 on Twitter

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6 thoughts on “Introduction of the MBBW Blog

  1. I love this! Thank you for writing this for coming up with the words we all want to state. I would love to continue to read this blog. It just reminded me that I cannot be defeated in the face of the hand I have been dealt. I am going to make it in this world of business because all I possess and have been taught to be has made me who I am and I MUST own it , be proud of it, and live it!


    1. Hey Felicity *throws confetti*
      Thanks for reading. I’m SO excited that you like the content here. There are some amazing women lined up to contribute to this blog. It’ about time to SAY something and LEARN how to fix it. I can’t wait for you to see the next post (tomorrow). Please come back and check us out.


  2. Awesome manifesto! I love the emphasis on black woman being multidimensional and not conforming to one type. The last line says it all! Wishing you much success with your blog!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I appreciate your support. These ladies knocked it out of the park with their content. I think we’ll be compiling this in an e-book soon. It’s so necessary. We’ll also being adding other contributors. Sign up to follow this blog for updates.


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